A Design Sprint with The SIX

… is a structured problem-solving process that allows our clients to make decisions with confidence, supported by real user insights.  

During our design sprint workshops, which can be scaled from 3-5 days depending on the nature of the problem to be addressed, we align stakeholders around a defined challenge and rapidly prototype and test realistic solutions with real users.

We leverage a combination of design thinking methods with Google-Ventures style design sprints and business innovation canvases to create a unique and differentiated approach.  We have found in our experience that no one method alone can solve Design for Business opportunities and therefore we curate an approach for each partner we co-create with.

When to use Design Sprints

Design sprints are a problem-solving tool. Any product, process or business problem can be explored with a sprint where the best ideas can be tested and validated.  

Sprints are particularly effective when the challenge you’re trying to solve:

Is High Stakes

  • Significantly impacts brand or bottom line

  • Complex solution and stakeholder landscape

  • Massive investment of time, money, or effort

Has Inescapable Deadlines

  • Requires upfront alignment of cross-functional stakeholders

  • Colossal consequences for missing deadlines

  • A high quality solution is table-stakes

Not Progressing Forward

  • Momentum and inspiration are dissipating

  • Just can’t get started and lost in the details

  • Overwhelmed with failure fatigue

What does a typical 5-Day Design Sprint look like?




Frame the challenge and define the success criteria

Map the user experience and identify where to focus



Individually brainstorm multiple solutions

Sketch the most promising solution ideas



Decide which solution to prototype

Develop a detailed storyboard to the solution



Build a realistic façade of the solution

Complete a dry run of user testing



Test the prototype with real users

Create a roadmap for next steps


What’s so different about the Sprint approach?


Before the Design Sprint

Must Haves:

  • A design sprint must have a DECIDER,  someone who has money, power, and/or influence to drive the solution forward.

  • A successful design sprint CANNOT begin without a clearly defined and materially important challenge.    

We generally recommend a period of ‘just enough research’, usually one to two weeks, before the design sprint begins to understand the business and customer context. During that period, we focus on:

  • User Research

  • Personas Development

  • Journey Mapping

  • Market Research

  • Problem Framing

Our work is human centered focusing on identifying the real needs of the people who will ultimately adopt the solution and the solution’s potential impact on your business ecosystem.

After the Design Sprint

We help your team develop an action plan and roadmap to sell the solution concept internally and move rapidly into development:

  • Capture the outcomes of the sprint in a Sprint Summary, Product Backlog or Business Requirements Document

  • Integrate user feedback and iterate the proposed solution based on findings uncovered while testing the prototype

  • Fully explore the technical feasibility and business viability of the proposed solution through feasibility assessments or comprehensive value analyses

Sprint Metrics

  • Time to Decision

  • Time to Market

  • Time to Value

  • Brand and Loyalty

  • Spend Optimization

  • Revenue Acceleration

  • Process Automation

  • Risk Mitigation

  • EmployeeSat


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