Strategy. Innovation. Design.


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Tomorrow’s challenges are different.

Companies are under more pressure than ever to innovate and reinvent themselves. Through design sprints  we lead your team in a process proven to expedite decision making and drive leadership alignment.





Digital Strategy and Roadmap
Business Model Innovation
Leadership and Change
Go-to-Market Strategy

User Insights

User Research
Market Research
Usability Testing


New Product and Services
Process Re-engineering
Rapid Design Prototyping
UI / UX Design



Our methodologies ensure space for co-creation, iteration, ideation, and creativity while maintaining a razor-sharp focus on execution.

Design Thinking

Empathize | Define | Ideate | Prototype | Test | Iterate


Vision | Strategy | Execution | Metrics | Roadmap

Six Sigma

Define | Measure | Analyze | Improve | Control

Map | Sketch | Decide | Prototype | Test | Experiment

Business Model Canvas

Cover Story | Operating | Service Blueprint | Relationship


Meet | Plan | Design | Develop | Test | Evaluate




We break down organizational barriers and enable collaboration and innovation at scale.


We help you rapidly redefine product, platform, and process experiences by surfacing the needs of your customers.


People work with us because we're experienced strategists who are fun, creative, and bold.

We inspire new ways of thinking, discover new opportunities, and get sh*t done.


We have an extensive background in strategic consulting & business design.


We curate our approach and creative process to co-create radically better outcomes for you within one week or less.


  • Mentor

    "I learned more with The SIX in 4 weeks than I did in many months at my 'former' company. They take you under their wing, teach you their skills, and help you craft and develop your own. They allow you to be independent...but never feel alone."

    — Nina S., Product Development

  • Honest + Authentic

    "I've come to really appreciate that The SIX won't always tell you what you want to hear; they'll tell you what you need to hear because it's not just about solving problems from a pragmatic standpoint."

    — Elliott W., Technology Analyst
    @Pricewaterhouse Coopers

  • Unconventional

    "Conventional is not a term that applies to The SIX's innovative style and ability to get things done no matter what it takes. They will not shy away from difficult conversations in service of what's needed."

    — Amy Z. Chief of Staff

  • Out-of-the-Box

    "The SIX brings lots of energy to whatever initiative they are leading and are constantly pushing themselves and others to think out-of-the-box. I really like the fact...that we may not always agree, but...we push each other to deliver the best experience."

    — Jesal B., Digital Operations and Innovation

  • Strategic + Creative

    "The SIX was instrumental in building a design-thinking strategy from the ground up. They are able to intelligently identify the best creative strategies our team would use during the project, in order to both understand the complex customer issues and how to solve them."

    — Ricardo L., Analyst

  • Ambassadors

    "The SIX knows how to get things done. They are ambassadors for design sprints. The capacity and speed at which they worked... has always impressed me. They have their own way of getting people excited and involved."

    — Rohini M., Sr. Manager