Rethinking a new and simplified mobile-first experience

In a five-day Design Sprint we aligned on a meaningful problem statement, ideated, prototyped, and user tested two new mobile first journeys that would simplify, engage, and emotionally connect new visitors to the user experience. The team focused on: personalization, visual enhancements, the brand story, and a redesign of their points of differentiation.  As a part of the is process the team also co-created an inspiration wall to enable each other to think differently.

The personas

The core customer base were described as busy women who want to save time and money, looking for an at home salon quality solution, and healthier, more natural alternatives to their current product.

The team had two main challenges: how to leverage the digital experience to help overcome customer concerns and fears and how to engender trust and confidence in the recommendations provided after customers completed the online product advisor on their first visit.

At the end of Day 1, the team was able to align on a core problem statement, identify a set of emotions and feelings to focus on, and lastly prototype and test two new web experiences.

“I think my favorite part of the experience was really taking all of these ideas from different parts of the organization...and really seeing that come to life in the design. [It's] something that I typically don’t get to do but would like to be doing more of.”

— VP of Growth Marketing

Directional Insights

At the end of Day 5, the team was able to test their assumptions and received very clear directional data on what customers liked or disliked about the new experience they had prototyped, what they found helpful, what they need more of, and what points of differentiation did or did not resonate with them.  The test also helped the leadership clarify some underlying assumptions they were planning to make on some big bets.

“I have my own biases that I need to have someone challenge me from time to time, and I think The SIX did a good job of you know enforcing the idea of leaving 'preconceived notions', at the door.”

— Analytics Manager

The design sprint experience provided a fresh approach for reimagining what the digital experience could be and illuminated additional areas for the team to continue to iterate on and test before they invested in their final solution.  

“[This experience has] changed how we think about the way we approach this [digital redesign effort]...This is the first time we’ve said let’s just completely change it and see what’s working and what’s not...Hopefully, we can continue to use this as a model.”

— VP of Customer Care

In the weeks following the initial design sprint, the team continued to refine and iterate on the prototypes developed and test their assumptions as a part of their normal design process. The new mobile experience launch will be determined as the team completes the more thorough design and evaluation.  The game changer for this design sprint was that they got started, they brought the right people together, they were able to agree to focus on a specific problem statement, and now had a clear direction to meet their success metrics.











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Bourbon + Time Timer = FUN Design Sprint!

Bourbon + Time Timer = FUN Design Sprint!


Design Sprint Testimonials


“Going through this exercise really reminded the organization how powerful we are and how enabled we are to actually produce something big and bold and not be afraid of success. ”
— VP of Digital Product, Madison Reed

  • Trust

    "The SIX did a great job facilitating. When you do a design sprint, you want somebody that knows what they’re doing, can control a group, has a lot of confidence in the process, and can manage people. It will not work if you do not have that trust."

    — Heidi D., CMO
    @Madison Reed

  • Transform

    "They were actually able to provide ideas and insights. The SIX had much more knowledge of how the customers, site experience works, product, and how marketing works. They came with that background and that was a huge benefit for us."

    — Jeremy P., VP Customer Service
    @Madison Reed

  • Accelerate

    "We did so many things in one week. I didn’t even know it was possible to have such a turn around. We had so many great ideas and everybody got to ideate, brainstorm, and sketch together."

    — Erin S., UI/UX Designer
    @Madison Reed

  • Expand Boundaries

    "The SIX found opportunities to make sure that the leaders were being involved at the right place, really pushing the boundaries and making things more bold where they needed to be."

    — Corey O., Product Manager
    @Madison Reed

  • Empowered

    "It was my first sprint ever and I was nervous about it. I felt like it was the first time my voice was really heard in a room full of executives. And that was really awesome, and empowering."

    — Tasha P., Customer Service Lead
    @Madison Reed

  • Push the Envelope

    "The SIX were great. They really encouraged us to push the envelope and to get out of our comfort zones. I thought there was a good balance of pushing us in some places and then pulling us back in others."

    — Aaron D., VP of Growth
    @Madison Reed